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Leadership is about Influence. People decide to follow you because they choose to. Leader point everyone to the path of success. Let Us help develop your staff to awaken the leader within.  

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Where are we going? How long will it take? What does our future look like. How will we know when we get there? Do We have the infrastructur to support operations?

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Organizational Behavior can help your church employees navigate a Ministry Culture as well as help the Bishops/Pastors/Overseers better understand how that Ministry Culture helps or hinders church employee productivity and retention. 

Why Is Organizational Behavior Important?



Most people have worked for a Church where people didn't get along, where no one knew what the expectations were, or where the Bishops/Pastors/Overseers failed to promote teamwork. The Church most likely lacked a strong understanding of Organizational Behavior.


Understanding Organizational Behavior can help your church employees navigate a Ministry Culture as well as help the Bishops/Pastors/Overseers better understand how that Ministry Culture helps or hinders church employee productivity and retention.


Understanding Organizational Behavior can also help Bishops/Pastors/Overseers evaluate a potential job candidate's skills and personality during the hiring process, allowing human resources to find the best fit for departments within the Church.


While there is never one exact way to assess these things, Organizational Behavior offers a set of guidelines to help organizations create a positive and vibrant internal culture. One of the main goals is to understand what motivates employees.


How churches/ministries measure job satisfaction varies, but the most common metrics include a fair and equitable reward system, compelling work, enjoyable working conditions, and good supervisors. By understanding what motivates church employees, Bishops/Pastors/Overseers can adjust their policies to increase job satisfaction, thereby increasing productivity.


Understanding Organizational Behavior not only helps employees understand themselves better, it also offers a roadmap for managers to improve all aspects of their organizations:


Improve job performance.

Increase job satisfaction.

Promote creativity.

Encourage leadership.

Improve customer service.

Encourage teamwork.


Archbishop Dr. Melvin J. Rivers is a subject matter expert in his field. He will design a workshop tailored to address your specific needs. Dr. Rivers will take your Ministry to the Next Level. You will be glad you made this important decision. The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

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