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Archbishop M.J. Rivers Ministries is  an active participant in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Homeless Services Network (HSN). We support many area Non-Profit and Para-Church Organizations engaged in the war against drugs, teen pregnancy, homelessness and other issues. We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity Non-Profit Organization Focused on Evangelism, Urban Ministry and Discipleship Training.We are the Parent Organization of  Paraclete Evangelistic Ministries located in Monroe, NC.



Archbishop Dr. M.J. Rivers is The Presiding Prelate of Paraclete Evangelistic Ministries Fellowship of Churches International located in Charlotte, NC. He is The  Presiding Prelate of the North and South Carolina Jurisdiction of The Covenant Bishops Global Council.


Archbishop M. J. Rivers Ministries is purpose driven towards Discipleship and Urban Mininistry. The Message of Grace and Hope are Essential to Effective Evangelism. If you would like to Schedule Bishop Rivers to Speak at Your Church or Special Event; Please click on the "Contact Us" Button, Fill Out The "Contact Us Form"  and Submit It. We Look Forward to Hearing From You. We will contact you shortly. Thank You...

Our mission is to create purpose driven relationships with parachurch organizations to combat drug addiction, homelessness, teenage pregnancy and poverty to assist in the rehabilitation of lost souls.


We provide Spiritual Guidance, Clothing, and Financial Assistance. We engage in Urban Ministry to develop Disciples for Christ, Evangelist, and Servants in the Local Community.

Archbishop M.J. Rivers Ministries emphasize the alignment of all projects and programs with the Mission Statement to ensure productivity and core competencies.




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